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It's Your Life - PEP It Up!

In this journey called life, all things connected to art & culture and matters astral have always held a mystic fascination for me. For me, the world of advertising with its connectivity to the celluloid & make-believe world of filmdom and its related theatrical shows on one hand, and yoga & meditation with its wonderful creative-improving and body-mind-soul enhancing harmonious benefits on the other, have always held a mystic fascination for me. Great names of performing artists and yogis across the globe have, since childhood, laid a deep impression on me. My father, who incidently was an ardent lover of art, music & literature and broadminded spiritualism, always allowed me to think independently and let me follow my inner instincts.

And so began my tryst - first, with the power of yoga & meditation in 1979, and then, a decade later, advertising, as a creative writer-director...followed by theatre & films in the year 1990 when I met the extremely committed and passionate theatrical/film personality Mr. Salim Ghouse. He cast me in his Shakespearian play "Merchant of Venice" which was interpreted and executed in a totally different manner - there was no set on stage; the actors had to create the ambience thru' sheer projection of their acting abilities. And I had to play 3 roles in that! The play set the ball rolling for me. I had tasted blood, of a different high and kind!! Modestly speaking, my roles of "Lorenzo, The Prince of Aragon, and The Duke" were much appreciated for their light-hearted portrayal of 3 differently, fine characters. It was a new exhilaration for me! I knew then that I had to make this my first love, too! ( much to the chagrin of my then girl friend!!). Still later, after much progress into yoga-meditation, advertising and theatre-films, came the idea of harnessing the dynamics of these two profound arts into a productive workshop format - using a fusion of theatre & yoga - for organizations and independent groups - that could help them enhance their focus & concentration, personal effectiveness, team bonding, and strike a harmonious work/life balance.

So now, here I am - a Creative Dir/Writer-Actor-Yoga & HR Trainer. Since '79 and yoga-advertising-theatre-films, I have progressed. I have led multi-disciplinary teams on projects ranging from corporate identity, brochures to advertising branding & campaigns; winning along the way, awards. And I write poetry and have been awarded the Editor's Choice Award twice - in September 2001 and March 2003 - by the International Society of Poets, Maryland, USA, of which am a distinguished member.
Life has been quite kind to me. And along with my career progress, it has also made me a better human being, more than compensating for the otherwise moderate growth in terms of monetary leaps! The sheets attached here give a peek into my stints as an adman, dependable actor, and importantly, a motivating human being!

But, as far as this particular acting profession is concerned, Time has also taught me that to be a real good actor, you need to have patience and along with it the grit to face and bear the insecurities that come along with such a line. For, so long as you are not a successful star actor, these insecurities cling to you. And living off theatre alone does not suffice to take care of your bills. And, girl friend!

So, here I am, trying not to miss out on good acting assignments that come my way, in working with established banners - be it in India, or abroad, in my quest for excellence. So I continue to be young at heart & looks!, have stars in my eyes, fire in my belly but feet firmly fixed on the ground. And I'm sure directors and producers worth their abilities to spot a good actor when they see one / shake hands with one, should see me through.

And so, my multi-faceted creative life goes on. If you read this much, well, thanks for your time. If you skipped the humdrum and came straight to this last little piece, hey, no sweat either. But I do hope to meet you some time in my lifetime, perchance at my film. Or play. Or workshop.

Peace & cheers!!

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Ad Club Diary Award Citation
Gentleman Public Service Advertising Award - 1993
International Society of Poets' Award 2001
International Society of Poets' Editor's Choice Award 2001
International Society of Poets' Editor's Choice Award 2003
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