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Liz Bryant Elizabeth Bryant Fine Art - Figurative Ceramic Installation Sculpture - Painting
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What would you do if you weren't afraid?

Liz was born and raised in Berwyn, Pennsylvania, just outside of Philadelphia. She earned her BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design and is pursuing her MFA at the University of Florida. Her varied education and experience includes graphic design, industrial design, painting, ceramics, metalwork and photography. Liz has taught extensively including, children ages three to eighteen, developmentally disabled populations, post-baccalaureate and undergraduate students. She has held funded artist residencies at The Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts, in Newcastle, Maine and The Gallery at St Peter’s Village, in Pennsylvania. Her work has been exhibited internationally throughout Florida, Rhode Island, Maine, Indiana, Pennsylvania, New York City, Paris, France and Japan. Her sculpture has been published in Clay Times magazine and in Lark Books’, “500 Figures in Clay: Ceramic Artists Celebrate the Human Form”. Her work may be seen in several galleries through the Tampa Bay area of Florida.

“The life-size scale and realism of my ceramic figures immediately confronts and engages the viewer. They explore our conflicts with our surroundings, confusion with relationships, and ultimately the struggle within ourselves. Their seemingly normal exterior is a vulnerable shell. It is an illusion that is shedding away to reveal the confused and conflicted personality. Through mixed media I layer materials and imagery to stress the complexity of the psyche. The imagery alludes to an awakening of the true, vibrant self, a self that has previously been restrained and unexplored. The figures also deal with insecurities and ideas of beauty and sexuality. Their gestures reflect their inner turmoil and frustration. The poses are uncomfortable and unsuccessfully attempt to cover the body. The figures deny what is being revealed under the surface. There is a dichotomy between the strong, colorful inner soul and the fearful outer personality. They are afraid of their own freedom and self-discovery. In the end, it is the vivacious inner core that overpowers the fragile covering. Will they accept change or be destroyed by it? …

… Now, the figures tenuously open in an attempt to find balance within their environment, and within their mind and spirit. In my most recent work, I use natural forms to illustrate the inner world of the figure. Inspired by rocks, sea-life and root structures, these forms symbolize history, age, growth, and future. The thoughts of the figure are represented with mixed media imagery. The imagery and natural forms act together, to represent experiences, relationships and memories, which overwhelm the figure. The figure becomes the embodiment of struggle between the psyche and the spirit. Struggle forms and challenges the self. It may temporarily debilitate but eventually it enriches the soul. My figurative work explores this psychological and spiritual journey. One is filled with indeterminable strength and simultaneously, vulnerability.”

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Liz Bryant Elizabeth Bryant Fine Art - Figurative Ceramic Installation Sculpture - Painting
Gainesville, Florida
United States

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Liz Bryant
Voice: 352-514-5842

Recent Clients
Cork &Olive, Wine Estate Group, Tampa, FL
Think Tank Studio, Clearwater, FL
Webster Hall, New York, NY
Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI
Tredyffrin-Eastown School District, Berwyn, PA

"Best of the Bay" in sculpture, CREATIVE LOAFING news publication, Tampa, FL
Nude Nite Art Exhibition "Best of Show", Orlando, FL
"500 Figures", LARK BOOKS, Publishing Fall 2004
CLAY TIMES MAGAZINE, Competition Finalist. Published in 1/03 issue
WATERSHED CENTER FOR THE CERAMIC ARTS, Funded nine-month residency
ARTFORMS GALLERY, Philadelphia, PA "Juror's Best of Show"
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