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Imagination gives form to dreams!

I'm a VIP Who's Who famous man and celeb, John David Thomas, aka John Thomas, born March 30, 1951 in Muncie, Indiana, USA, hometown of Indianapolis, Indiana...also lived Los Angeles, California USA for 1-1/2 years (from August 2006-June 23, 2007 and August 10, 2008-March 2009) and Hollywood/Santa Monica, California for 8 months and currently New York City/Brooklyn/Manhattan for more than 5 years (2007, 2008, March 2009-present) and Phoenix, Arizona for 4 years (from March 1984-June 1988), and Seattle area (Mountlake Terrace, WA and Marysville, WA (from June 1988-November 1990), where I composed classical music for churches at Edmonds United Methodist Church in the NW suburb of Seattle, known as Edmonds, Washington in 1989-1990) I also have lived in Miami, Florida and Miami South Beach, Florida and Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Clearwater, Florida (circa 2007) and also Portland, Oregon and Nashville, Tennessee for several months. I am a member of the famous organizations and societies: ASCAP, Mensa, AES, and PPA (Professional Photographers of America) GO to my NEW WEBSITE about my music and a gallery of some of my photos I took recently in Brooklyn, New York City, NY USA: go to www.john-david-thomas.com I will also be back with the major photography website, "ONE MODEL PLACE.com" in Fort Lauderdale, Florida soon, where they have 272 of some of my best photos stored in their database there. When I rejoin them, you can find me by my company name there of: John David Thomas Photography I am a lifelong and gifted serious photographer (have photographed most of the USA and western Canada, including many national parks (the famous ones) in USA and Canada (BANFF, Jasper, Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Yellowstone, Smokey Mountains, Mt. Ranier (in Washington state), Acadia (in Maine), and photographed all the famous places in New York City TWICE (in 1965 at age 14 and in 1977 during the "heat wave" of 104 degrees four days in a row there)...I have done about 8 major types of photography, which are listed on my PPA site here...I have owned about 8 cameras (including expensive ones: CONTAX cameras, ZEISS lenses ($ 800 lens, etc) and am experienced with using complex lighting scenarios and set ups including "on location"...also, very importantly, I am a very well rounded person in terms of my educational background, skills and talents, life background, super creative, cutting-edge, trend setter, super artistic and forward thinking, free spirited and independent, with unique ideas and concepts, with a super background in not only the arts and music and entertainment industry (played in famous rock bands for ten years (keyboards) in Indiana and Arizona (JETSTREAM in Indianapolis, Kokomo, Indiana including concerts and major studio recording sessions for CDs and music for major radio airplay on world famous rock radio station WFBQ-FM Q95, winner of the Marconi Award for Best Rock Radio Station in the USA ...I'm a member of the top professional organizations in the USA in the fields of MUSIC and PHOTOGRAPHY (ASCAP, Mensa, AES, PPA) and former member of NARAS (GRAMMY org.) in Santa Monica, California USA..won the Mensa Indianapolis contract bridge tournament in the 1990s. Lifelong composer, musician, pianist, synthesist, keyboardist and photographer. I have taken famous photos according to others who have seen them ("Watchtower", Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona in the 1970s, Frank Zappa, etc.) See my personal friends site of about 3000 friends of mine, most of them in California on My Space at www.myspace.com/john1951usa and my music/band site there at: www.myspace.com/johndavidthomas1951..famous celebrities and rock stars, singers, bands, and even actresses and actors...I met Frank Zappa twice in Indianapolis and Indiana at VIP party in 1973 and talked with him, one on one "against the Wall" in a huge living room of a mega house on the northside of INDY, IN...and also in Bloomington, Indiana around 1981...I also met Alice Cooper, the world famous rock superstar of the 1970's and met Jerry Garcia and Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead and Jean Luc Ponty, the famous electric jazz violinist and composer, with many CDs worldwide in the 70s and 80s, and also met famous classical conductors and composers like Arthur Fiedler (Boston Pops) and Garrick Ohlsen, international pianist and recording artist worldwide on Deutche Grammophone in Germany, etc...and been around Pierre Boulez (world famous avant garde composer and conductor of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra in the past) and been around Olivier Messiaen, world famous composer also, of the 20th century from Paris, France (heard him live in concert at the piano with his genius pianist wife, Yvonne Loriod, around 1975 in Indianapolis, Indiana doing the MOST COMPLEX possible modern, super fast music on two pianos....I have recorded many CDs of my original music in many styles, from rock music, Top 40, disco rock, mood music, orchestral, jazz rock fusion, acid jazz/rock, progressive rock, love songs, avant garde, music designed for film or TV themes, piano music, improvisational major works (some 20 minutes in length, like "From Me to You", all of them on the internet at SOUNDCLICK.com/johndavidthomas and www.soundcloud.com/john-david-thomas See my bio and profile on http://www.linkedin.com/pub/john-david-thomas/84/426/204 and www.aes.org/aes/johndavidthomas and CDBABY.com/all/jdt7 for my 4 CDs for sale worldwide at: www.cdbaby.com/cd/jdt1 /jdt2 /jdt3 /jdt4 Enter my CD titles: "Pathway to Love" and "Desires of the Heart" (solo piano easy listening) and "Early Songs and Jazz of John David Thomas" (my rock music and Top 40 and love songs and disco music and fusion, jazz rock, synth music, etc) and "The Journey of Life" (my New Age style instrumental CD) on CDBABY.com also. I've been in world-famous recording studios in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Nashville, Seattle and Phoenix, where bands such as PINK FLOYD recorded (part of "The Wall" soundtrack and CD) and Fleetwood Mac, Jimi Hendrix (his studio in New York, Electric Lady where all his real GOLD record albums are displayed on the wall, as of 1977)....and been to RCA Records Studio A in Chicago and also in Nashville (it was RCA in New York that "mastered" my 45rpm 7" single vinyl record in 1973 that had radio airplay and was mentioned in BILLBOARD and was on jukeboxes (the two songs were "Alabama D.A." and "So Hard, So Long", which I composed and arranged and played keyboards and sang vocals on)....so I have a double career, equally important and am equally gifted in both areas and with super lifelong backgrounds in both...played in classical orchestras for years when I was younger in Indiana....including Ball State Symphony Orchestra from 1971-1974, doing major classical repertoire by world famous composers like Igor Stravinsky and Beethoven, Debussy, Rimsky-Korsakov ("Scheherazade") and Berlioz, Roy Harris, Aaron Copland ("El Salon Mexico") and played in the cello choir and was in a string quartet long ago (pro)....back to the photography here....(I've been a budget analyst and management analyst for ten years in the past for a major DOD agency of 3500 people in Indianapolis, Indiana from 1974-1984, where the federal government and military used me for two months, full time, paid photographer doing on-location custom photography of VIPs. I am a graduate of Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana, 1976, lifelong photographer and owner/CEO of John David Thomas Productions and JDT Records and John David Thomas Photography, I've been told I am international and world famous by others...I'm progressive, artististic, futuristic, cutting-edge, "think outside the box", free spirit man, I am a bachelor, I have done many styles and types of photography, including photographing world famous rock stars in the past (Frank Zappa, etc) and I am a lifelong musician, composer, and former songwriter and "Indiana and Arizona rock star" for 10 years, with my own music on famous radio stations like WFBQ-FM in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA..I live in New York City in Brooklyn at the Garden of Eden in Bensonhurst area since August 19, 2009...I also lived almost 2 years in Los Angeles, Hollywood, and Santa Monica (S. CA.)....I am a member of PPA, ASCAP, Mensa, and Los Angeles World Affairs Council and have been a member of Audio Engineering Society and American Federation of Musicians Local # 47 in Hollywood, California and NARAS (The Recording Academy) which is in charge of the GRAMMY AWARDS...and other pro organizations...I am experienced in the following types of photography: fashion/models (personal and portfolio photos, events, photo shoots, etc), celeb/rock star/band photos, publicity photos, lingerie, scenic (all over USA and CANADA, including about 15 national parks in both countries such as Grand Canyon (AZ), Mt. Ranier (WA), BANFF (Canada), JASPER (Canada), Yellowstone, Yosemite, Grand Tetons, Smokey Mountains, ACADIA (Maine on coast), Redwood, Sequoia, and also national monuments such as DEVIL's TOWER Natl Monument in Moorcroft, Wyoming (featured in famous Spielberg movie) and BADLANDS in the Dakotas (north USA) and I've photographed most of the famous sites and places in New York City (in 1977 and 1965 at the end of the World's Fair) and New England (NE USA) and California, I've photographed many candid and formal portraits of many high class and normal everyday people (photojournalism) such as the festivals in Indianapolis, Indiana and the 500 Mile Race and 500 time trials and qualifications, the National Drag Race in Clermont, Indiana, beauty queens, models, boudoir photos, artistic nudes, weddings, concerts, sports events (NBA basketball games, NFL football games), nature shots, landscape, events, festivals, birthday parties, anniversary events, dinners, musicians, night clubs, publicity photos, passport photos, commercial photography and industrial photography, product shots for future advertising, avant garde and serious art photography, photography of major and famous recording studios such as Electric Lady Studio in New York City (Jimi Hendrix's own recording studio, still there), Vintage Recorders. See my WHO's WHO bios in the famous "Who's Who in America" 11 times from 1995-2006 and "Who's Who in the World" 15 times from 1992-2006.

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John David Thomas (272 photos stored by www.OneModelPlace.com, all mine taken by me since 19
USAFAC (U.S. gov DOD agency in Indianapolis, IN, USA: 3500 people, photographed Gene
Marilyn Toussaint (real estate agent)
Dee Dee Ryan (rock singer of Phoenix, AZ)
Paul Thomas (indie CD artist, singer)
Frank Zappa (world famous rock star) 1982

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