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Custom Wedding and Portrait Photography

As a boy, I grew up with two dynamic mentors that helped me shape my personal style and work ethic. Donald Nielsen trained me with the aesthetics of proper posing techniques. Shirley Kropf taught me that nature and its inner beauty is paramount and how important it is not to forget a subtle smile or the uniqueness in a personís true personality. Both mentors have unfortunately passed away, but as a photographer I take pride in carrying the flame of those teachings. I proudly use the techniques and knowledge gained from their influences in every project I am fortunate enough to be a part of.

After I graduated from high school I designed websites for photographers and artists. By doing so I learned the business and post-production aspect of photography. I also established lifelong connections in the industry. My clientele included wedding, portrait, fine art, commercial, and portrait photographers. The task at hand was to do everything I could to put my client's best foot forward. The business grew until my dream became a reality and I became a professional photographer. By that time I had designed sites from New Jersey to California. Moreover I established friendships in the industry with photographers and artists of all varieties around the world.

At that point I had 4 years of professional experience with photography. I knew that I needed a Bachelors Degree in order to teach at a college level down the road. With my business already set up I began taking classes at Grand Valley State University. That education set my passion on a whole new level.

I knew I wanted to experience more than what the University offered, so I joined the Royal Photographic Society. The RPS lent me access to a large array of photographers to communicate with, learn from, and educate. The Royal Photographic Society has its place in history and has hosted over a century and a half of annual competitions. My passion for Australia led me to also join the Australian Photographic Society. If you have not seen the APS on a photographer's website it's probably because I am one of only two photographers in the nation who are members. I am also the only member of the Royal Photographic Society in the state of Michigan.

Currently, while I am finishing up my degree, I have been working on merits and distinctions that most photographers don't begin to work on until long after they have a degree, if ever. In the future I plan on working hard to get my Masters Certification with the PPA and a Fellowship with both the Royal Photographic Society and the Australian Photographic Society. I then plan on teaching his photography to students on a university level.

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