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John Carollo
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I am an energetic, experienced designer with 12 years of experience and extremely strong conceptual skills who enjoys solving challenging problems and creating intriguing, clear messages that communicate with a distinctive look and occasional touches of humor. My background is primarily print, but also includes web, display and costume and pageantry design, as well as writing for copy and creative proposals. I have a proven track record of creating looks, messages and campaigns that resonate strongly with consumers and businesses, whether the client is large or small, ranging from industries clogged with dry technical and construction messaging, to theatrical and entertainment activities.

Packaging is my true passion and I love the challenge of thinking in three dimensions, creating an unusual solution that also serves its intended purpose of protecting and showcasing a product. Iíve also done extensive branding and identity work, which Iíve then implemented across campaigns and product lines.

I am an accomplished studio artist and frequently show my abstract watercolors at various venues. The expressive style and color I use often finds its way into my design work, adding a unique dimension. It is also perfect for book covers/illustrations and general impact.

Once the project is designed, the concept set, the presentation readied, I am a strong presenter with clients, aided by my improvisational theater training. Letís just say a lively and engaging meeting is not unusual, whether done in person or remotely. And on that note, I currently live in Florida, but often work on projects in other areas, can travel to meet, discuss, start an assignment, continue it anywhere from New York to the west coat. Modern technology is a great thing and new places and challenges lead to great work. GREAT WORK and satisfied clients is my objective.

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John Carollo
Orlando, Florida
United States

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John Carollo

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Masco Corporation
Gaydays Inc.
SemCo Enterprises
Voci Modern Dance Company
Walt Disney World

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