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Darrell Goza
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"Do it, do it right, do it right now!"

Goza Creative/ScriptGraphics are freelance Graphic Design and Commercial Art & Design specialists. We do public speaking engagements to help companies understand Corporate Identity Branding, Promotions and Advertising. Currently networked with a nationwide group of creators to handle the most difficult, but interesting, creative art projects.

Goza Creative: Internet Marketing Services - Consulting, Strategy Development, Content Creation, social media integration and overall Site Design, we help identify opportunities for websites, outline a flexible ongoing digital marketing strategy, establish online Brand recognition, and develop an aesthetic that suits Branding and ensures visitors to sites have the best possible experience. Additional services include visual character content used as promotional tools and for calls to action to convert viewers to customers for the products or services provided by the site owners. Ongoing… 

ScriptGraphics: Cartoon and comic content creation and production that takes the form of comic books, online comics and character development for online websites that wish to establish cartoon and comic content avatars for their websites.

cWOW! Gallery - Newark, NJ.
Mentor in the ArtReach Program tasked with teaching comic book production to inner city youths. Completed a full sized comic book which was sold at the ArtReach Gallery Exhibition.

Internet Marketing Services - Through Consulting, Strategy Development, Content Creation, social media integration and overall Site Design, we help you identify opportunities for your website, outline a flexible ongoing digital marketing strategy, establish online Brand recognition, and develop an aesthetic that suits your Brand and ensures visitors to your site have the best possible experience.

Arts Unbound Gallery - Orange, NJ.
Design and teach comic book creation and assist in production of comics to be provided for the classes being taught.

6 Sixty Group - Irvington, NJ
Design political campaign graphics and specialty design graphics. On going…

Visual Arts Center of New Jersey - Summit, NJ.
Traditional/Fine Arts: Create course for teaching inner city high school age youths practical application and execution of fine art techniques based on the current exhibit being shown in the Visual Arts Center's galleries. Exciting and interesting as the gallery changes exhibit throughout the year, requiring a wide range and vast understanding of techniques used by exhibiting artists. On going...

Gibbs College - Montclair, NJ
Teacher of Computer Graphics, Desktop Publishing, Graphic Design and Typography. I was Responsible for creating the link between digital platforms and traditional graphic study, and for training the artists and designers of tomorrow.

Casio Watch - Dover, NJ.
Graphic designer responsible for store displays and in store promotional displays and ads. Created graphics for watch debuts and designed the graphic press release for the G-Shock watch debut at 'Limelight' in NYC.

Darrell's Graphic Arts Studio - NJ.
created to handle freelance artistic workload. Clients included: American Towman - My function as Creative Director was to redesign the magazine and give it a more consistent industrial look. Also Art Directed American Towman's towing industry newspaper called The Road Service News.

Beatnik Productions/Dreadlockedninja Publishing - East Orange, NJ.
As Art Director, was directly responsible for the look for their line of books and created a mechanism for freelance artists to be a part of their formation without having to live in the area. Provided additional penciling, inking, lettering (using computer software), and some coloring by computer (using Photoshop) to keep the books on deadline. Was responsible for setting dates with printers for the solicitations, promotions, and printing of the books. Designed company house ads and established their placement in industry trade publications and developed budgets for contracted freelance artists. I also enlisted printers for jobs completion.

The Advocate - East Orange, NJ.
Responsible for ad design and editorial imposition for the Christian newspaper.

El Diario - Newark, NJ.
Created editorial design and ad design for the Spanish language newspaper.

Additional Freelance Clients -
Lintas Worldwide, BBDO_NYC, Y & R., Louis Scott Advertising, Saatchi & Saatchi, Brown, Alpha Presentations, Continuity Associates, Anderson Consulting, Morgan Stanley Investments.
Porta-Print, Mount Carmel Guild, CorPlan and Women of Color.
Gordon's Gin, Courvoisier, Barcardi Light Rum; Camel Cigarettes, Winston Cigarettes, Vantage Cigarettes, Salem Cigarettes; Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Coke, Diet Coke, Cherry Coke, Fanta; Mercedes Benz, Subaru, Pan Am Airlines; Starlight Express; Donna Karen, Jockey Sportswear, Reebok; Konica Film, Polaroid Cameras, IBM, Cannon Copiers, Toshiba, Technics; New York University, Rutgers University; Gothic Cabinet Craft, Hosposible Products, Inc, Vasaline.
Heroic Comics/Publishing, Blackthorne Comics, Dark Horse Comics, Americomics/AC Comics, Beatnik Productions, Dreadlockedninja Publishing Continuity Comics, DC Comics, Kiss Me Comics and Modern Publishing (Columbia Pictures-Ghostbusters II).

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Darrell Goza
NJ - NY - PA, New Jersey
United States

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Darrell Goza
Voice: 973-762-2050

Recent Clients
Visual Arts Center of NJ-Summit, NJ
Barnabas Health Hospice and Palliative Care Center
Beatnik Productions/Dreadlockedninja Publications
Rutgers University
Gibbs College
Continuity Associates, NYC

Winner, Most Popular: Writer/Artist/Publisher 10/2013-Small Press Assoc. Self Publisher Magazine
Winner-Certificate of Appreciation: Horizon Blue Cross Blue/Shield of NJ_EBusiness Kid's Day Eve
Hororable mention, 2005: Best Web Site from Peoples ComicBook Newsletter
Creation Convention Best in Show 2nd Place 1979 NYC
Creation Convention Best in Show 3rd Place 1979 NYC
Book Covers/Jackets
Corporate ID
Magazine Design
Presentation Graphics
Web sites
comic book design/creation

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