Drew Kristoff
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I have been drawing since grade school. Art was my favorite subject and I always tried to incorporate my love of comic art into my projects. One of my first drawings I can remember is one of Batman that I wish I still had.

Around Jr. High, I started to get more serious about drawing. Like most people, I would copy other artistís drawings which taught me about layout, perspective, shading, etc. By the time I was in High School I was filling sketch books with copies of my favorite artists. By then I also started to explore new techniques beyond penciling & inking. At this time I also created my own comic stories, sometimes using established characters, sometimes I made them up myself. I won a few awards and moved onto Advanced Art classes and then I really started to take off.

After High School, I went to The American Academy of Art in Chicago. There I studied for 3 years. Illustration class was my favorite and I graduated with an Associates Degree in Illustration/ Graphic Design. I did some freelance work after school, but mostly the work I do is what I enjoy doing. I have a fairly realistic style and have continued to work in several different mediums, but it seems that my favorite seems to be pencils, B&W and color with pastels added to really accent sections of the illustration. A few years ago I finished a 2 Ĺ year project of illustrating some of my favorite monster movies into a slideshow presentation.

I continue to illustrate and love it when the layout, design and actual rendering of a piece all pull together.

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Drew Kristoff
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