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Campenella Eye Into Abstract Design

Lottie E. Campenella, former sole proprietor of Campenella Gallery, Franklin Street, Chapel Hill, NC, has been producing works of art for over 13 years. Lottie is an ORIGINAL ONLY ARTIST and does not reproduce any of her works, this in turn insures a highly valued work of art untouched by a saturated reproduction art market. Lottie sold her first original at the age of 17, while part of a local art exhibit in Hillsboro, New Hampshire. It was a black and white charcoal sketch of a blanket draping a rocking chair.

A lot has changed since her black and white sketches….

Lottie was taught by New England Artist Rebecca Hanson, a local art teacher for the High School. Lottie spent every study hall, lunch, before and after school, and art class throwing clay at the potters wheel, or painting and designing for 4 years straight. While excelling in Portrait Art, Pottery, Art History, Drawing, Painting, and most of all, Abstract Design. The well recognized style of “Campenella” evolved, and she had the Art Awards to prove it.

A month after graduating High School, she traveled, eventually ending up in Sardinia, Italy studying at the University of Maryland European Division. Lottie worked as a Bartender at a local Italian Bar, and painted when she had some free time.

Lottie returned to the States in 1997 to pursue a career as a Marketing Director of a Magazine on Hilton Head Island, SC, trying to dip into the “Corporate America” lifestyle while working part time at an Arts Center, in both theater and visual art.Marketing was not what Lottie wanted to do the rest of her life. She wanted to open an Art Gallery.

She moved to Chapel Hill, NC determined to open a very different type of Gallery. This one would have couches, throw rugs, lamps, unique furniture designed by local artists, with a caffe bar, serving gourmet coffee and Italian spritzers. She wanted people to be comfortable, and surrounded by original art, all of which was for sale. The concept exploded into a 1200 square foot colorful living room, which was a work of art in itself, where shoes were optional. There was nothing else like it…original art, in an original art gallery. Only one rule: No reproductions.

Though the gallery was a huge success, with her second pregnancy being high risk, the long hours and the commute were becoming to much of a strain, so her and her husband decided to close the gallery and focus on their family. Lottie still continued to paint and maintain her website, while accepting two commissions to create posters of Hilton Head Island, SC and Beaufort, SC and surrounding islands, during her pregnancy, all within the comforts of her own home.

Lottie continued painting and held her place on the internet via her website. She became recognized for her Abstract Design pieces on a much larger level now, and kept her collector’s coming back. She continued to be quite versatile in her work, with every piece boasting bold, vibrant colors, amidst the strong movements of her designs. Every Campenella Original became an expression of Lottie’s surroundings, some you could understand, some you could not, and some....would grow on you in time.

With Lottie’s hard work, determination, and her loyalty to her collector’s as well as her goals, Campenella’s work is recognized world wide, with a strong East Coast (USA) presence.
Her work can be seen in private collections around the world and at scheduled private and public locations.

Lottie is currently living off the coast of South Carolina with her husband and two children.

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Beaufort, South Carolina
United States

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Lottie Campenella
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