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  • What dimensions should my sample be?

    We recommend that your sample be sized at 550 pixels on the largest side

  • Do my samples have to be square?

    No - They can be rectangular. If you are making the thumbnails they should be square

  • What is the size of the thumbnail?

    This depends on the kind of portfolio you have and your layout choice.
    The standard size is 80x80 pixels - all Basic, Vinyl and Leather portfolios have this standard size. Since Titanium portfolios offer various layout choices - thumbnail dimensions vary depending on your layout choice for Titanium portfolios and range from 80x80 pixels to 244 x 240 pixels

  • I uploaded a new sample but still see the old sample - why is this?

    You need to refresh your browser to see the changes you have made

  • How long does it take before I can see the changes I make on my portfolio?

    The change should take place immediately

  • I sent out an Electronic Leave Behind an hour ago and it still has not been received

    It is possible that the service provider of the ISP associated with the recipients email address is taking time to process the email before it is delivered. Alternatively if the recipient has a higher than usual level of spam protection, this may have caused the email to be delivered to a spam folder

  • I would like to cancel / downgrade / upgrade my subscription - how do I do it on the site?

    Log into your account and click on the "Change/Cancel Service Request" link on the left side of the page under "Other Info" and follow the instructions

  • I would like to change my credit card information - how do I do so?

    Log into your account and click on the "Update Credit Card" link on the left side of the page and follow the instructions

  • In what format should I save my samples?

    Our site supports the following formats for uploading samples: Jpeg, Gifs, Quicktime, Shockwave Flash, PDF

  • How do I get my portfolio ranked higher in the Creativeshake.com search engine?

    Our search engine in designed to suit the needs of the people looking for creative professionals - They want to see fresh work, and they want to see complete portfolios. You are encouraged to write a biography, that includes as many keywords and a description. Also, the more work you upload, and the more recent the work is, the higher will be your ranking.

    QuickFinder - This search tool will access your name, location, biography and specializations. Be sure to include all specializations that apply, plus add keywords and unique phrases into your bio. This will bring you up in more searches.
    ImageSearch - The titles, descriptions, keywords and end clients are all indexed so that images come up in front of buyers seeking these pictures. Try and describe what you're looking at from several different angles, so you'll have more chance of matching what stock art and stock photo buyers are searching for.
    Recent Samples - This brings up recently updated portfolios, so to be included try and upload something new every month or two.
    Detailed Search - This involves registering on your part and providing more information about your business.

    Search Rank Priority is a key difference among our packages. All things being equal - same number of images; same freshness of work - if there is a match in search results between a Titanium, Leather and Vinyl, Basic results will be displayed in that order. Within each membership level, results will favor portfolios that have the maximum number of samples, as well as portfolios that have been updated more recently.

  • How do I move my samples around? Must I re-upload to the new order?

    The current version of our site does not have a drag and drop functionality for this - so you would have to re-upload the samples in the order of your choice

  • How do people find my work with the search engine?

    Our search engine lets clients be as specific as they want. Your portfolio will turn up in any search that matches the location, name, experience, specialization, awards won, association membership or any other criteria they specify. Or they may find you by browsing through your category. In general, the more samples and information you enter into your portfolio, and the more current you keep your work, the more likely you are to be matched up with a client. Clients prefer to look at portfolios with samples, and they often seek out the most recent work on our database. 

  • Are you involved in any way after someone contacts me through seeing work on Creativeshake.com?

    Not at all. Any work, arrangements or deals that arise from a creative professional's exposure on Creativeshake.com are between the exhibitor and the client only. Our exhibitors are independent, we do not act as an agent, so therefore we do not charge a commission or take credit for the results -- but we'd love to hear your good news! 

  • I already have my own Web site -- why should I put my work on Creativeshake.com?

    If you already have your own Web site, that's great. We're the first ones to admit that there are things you can do with your own Web site that you can't do with your Creativeshake.com site. At the same time, there are a great number of things that Creativeshake.com can do for you that you can't do on your own site.

    In fact, your exposure on Creativeshake.com is probably the best way to increase traffic to your own site. Why? Because we market Creativeshake.com across the world directly to the people who purchase creative talent - creative directors, directors, production houses, ad agencies, photo editors, and so on. Our site is also linked to a number of other key industry sites, and we constantly refresh our registration with the major search engines. And these are just a few reasons why Creativeshake.com gets so much traffic from art buyers and clients all over the world. With a link back to your site at no additional cost, and with all the self-marketing tools you get with a titanium portfolio, you get the best of both worlds. 

  • Do I get my own web address?

    Yes, and you can use it to promote your portfolio on your business cards, ads, letterhead and so on. You do not need Internet access to tell people you have a Web page. Your Web address (or URL) will bring visitors directly to your portfolio instead of the Creativeshake.com Home Page. Personalize your address like this: http://www.creativeshake.com/youraddress

  • Does Creativeshake.com charge me to get in contact with an exhibitor?

    None at all. If you find the right person to work with, all we ask is that you share your success story
    with us! 

  • How do I find people with the experience I need?

    Our search engine lets you be as specific as you want. First you pick the level of search you need: Quick Finder, Recent Samples, Detailed Search, or Image Search. Then you can search through our wide range of freelancer categories by keyword only, or by recent work, name, location, experience, specialization, awards won, or association membership. You'll know the right style when you see it, and you haven't even picked up the phone yet.

    In general, the more criteria you enter into our search engine, the more focused your search results will be. If you aren't finding candidates that fit your criteria, broadening the criteria you specify should give you more candidates to choose from.

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